Books are written and will be written about coaching. For us, it is about an approach to empower our clients to develop their fullest potential.

Why Coaching? Creating the Future

When we feel that life is not giving us what we really want, we start to wonder. And that is a good thing, because it means we are getting in touch with ourselves and are willing to get things changed. Very few of us know how to do this effectively. Usually our habits are sabotaging the way forward. Coaching is about unlearning and getting back in the driver’s seat of your life. Your coach as guide so you can create your future.

Generative Coaching

The generative approach to coaching assures that you are and stay in the driver’s seat of your future. All coaching is based on clear contracts where you always know how much time is needed and what you get.

Outcome Coaching

With outcome coaching you are looking at setting goals and following through. In NLP terms – how to create your future. By getting real specific about what you want, and looking into what keeps you from reaching your goal, goals become a compelling future waiting to happen for you. What is your purpose in life, what are your values, and what do you do best are clarified in this 3×2 hour program. You leave with a concrete plan for the future.

Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is based on the latest coaching concepts of Tim (“inner game”) Gallwey and Sir John (“GROW”) Whitmore, with ideas of Stephen Wolinsky’s Quantum Psychology. They provide an effective alternative to command and control approaches to management. By raising your awareness about what is critical, focusing on your chosen desire and using the resources you have in real time, you create your way to success. You will learn to use various coaching tools. This is all based on the profound trust in your natural ability to learn, and assumes you are willing to grant a radical level of trust to yourself.

Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough coaching is about creating your future using a systematic approach to finding what stops you from achieving your fullest potential. It starts with asking: If you could have anything as a result of doing a breakthrough session, what would you want? It is your personal shopping list of the desired situation. With your personal ‘tourguide’ you explore your values, metaprograms and beliefs about what you want to achieve. Using NLP and Time Line Therapy™ and other techniques you create the changes necessary to increase your choices for the future. (Typically in a few 4 hr sessions, or a one day session with follow-up)

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