Welcome to the website of Xiber Technologies GmbH!
Xiber Technologies GmbH specializes in activities that help develop your human potential, growth and productivity.
All our activities are based on the latest insights into learning, change and productivity
Founded by its director, Richard de Laat in 2000, to serve its customers with high quality services in generative change in people.
We hope you will enjoy browsing this site and will be happy to answer questions or help where we can.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on a simple concept about how we change over time:

  • Create the Future
  • Live the Present
  • Heal the Past

Our Main Activities


  • Organizational Change Management
  • Training & Training Consultancy
  • Action Learning for Management Development


  • Personal Productivity Improvement
  • Generative Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Learning difficulties (dyslexia)