Therapy – Heal The Past

Much of our daily behavior is based on our paradigms that hold a lot of old conditioning, from the time that we were not yet able to discriminate what information will help us or which will hinder us in our development.

The people who gave that information, could not give more than they got. Now that we have moved on, we can make changes

NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques are very effective to support you in changing your behavior, especially when they are a danger for your health. Smoking, overweight and stress all have detrimental effects on your body. Learn how to:

  • Evaluate and eliminate your limiting decisions from the past.
  • Create new decisions
  • Learn how to relax using self- hypnosis techniques.

More and more medical doctors realize the value of the complementary effects of NLP in those situations that are labeled ‘psychosomatic’ .

Only with referral from your doctor, new avenues to healing can be explored to enhance traditional medical approaches.